Sexual Assault & Abuse

Seeking Justice For Victims Of Sexual Assault & Clergy Sexual Abuse

Sexual assault, molestation and child sexual abuse are serious crimes, often with long-term psychological consequences for victims. Sexual assault should never happen. It’s especially shocking that it’s occurring in American workplaces, churches, and even schools to sometimes young children.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault or molestation in the workplace, or if you were the victim of sexual abuse, you have every right to demand justice. Even if the abuse occurred decades ago when you were a child, you can still be able to have your day in court.

The Fuggi Law Firm has extensive experience representing victims of sexual abuse, including clergy sexual abuse cases. We are one of few firms in New Jersey able to take these cases and our founding attorney, Robert Fuggi, is one of only a handful of lawyers in the state that focuses on representing sexual assault victims in Civil litigation.

We work hard to ensure our clients get their day in court, secure financial compensation for the injuries they’ve suffered, and finally get justice. We’ve got the results to prove it.

  • Our firm handled one of the largest single clergy sexual abuse cases in New Jersey (J.F. v. Pastor R.L.S.). We were able to navigate successfully the complex charitable immunity law that allowed the sexual abuse of minors and adults by the employees of a church and recover.
  • We sued a large corporation when an employee sexually molested a customer.
  • We sued a national chain of restaurants for the sexual assault of an employee by two managers.

We are fearless in bringing these cases to court. We know how to gather and prepare evidence, even years after the fact. Contact our Toms River law office to learn more.

Statute Of Limitations And Child Sexual Abuse

The statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse cases is very different than the regular two-year statute of limitations for other personal injury lawsuits. Many people who were abused as children don’t acknowledge the abuse and don’t understand the long-term effects it has had on them. It may be years later, when they enter therapy or treatment for a mental health problem, alcoholism, or drug addiction, that they finally face the abuse issues.

In childhood sexual abuse cases, the statute of limitations begins to run when the person realizes he or she was a victim. Evidence will still need to be gathered and a strong case made to support the claim — this is our area of strength.

If you were sexually assaulted, at work or otherwise, or if you believe you were the victim of childhood sexual abuse or clergy abuse, contact our law office to talk with a caring and experienced lawyer.